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I cut a bunch of inactive journals. If you guys ever come back, say the word. Missing you all and hope you are well.

Single picture post

Have I told you guys that Julie is turning out to be, in my opinion, an amazing photographer? She can outshine most adults I know. She has more raw talent in her little pinky at six than I had total in my whole life. What (little) I've learned through practice, she just seems to know naturally and instinctively. I have to remind myself sometimes that she is a brilliant, talented girl and not everything in this world is about her behavior and challenges. The picture behind the cut is a reminder of that to me constantly.

Backstory: A few weeks ago Xander was nursing and she wanted to take a picture. I figured why not and told her as much. She asked if she could use my camera. My pride and joy. My electronic baby. My expensive dslr. After side-eyeing the hell out of her and the idea, and literally biting my tongue to halt the automatic "no" about to spill out, I reluctantly said okay. I gave her verbal instructions on how to hold it and use it and within a minute she was snapping pictures. She took maybe 20? Half of me and her brother, half of the window, ceiling fan and walls because like me she tends to see art everywhere.

The shots of me and Xander? Guys, they're amazing. Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. And it wasn't an accident. She took a few shots, I realized my breast pads and cell phone were in view so I moved them and instructed her to take another. And she STILL pulled it off. My only part in the entire process was making it black and white after the fact for printing. I didn't tell her what part of us to shoot or anything. If I don't encourage her to hone her skills as a budding photographer I will be doing her a horrible injustice. So, instead of gushing any longer I shall just post the shot and let you guys be the judge. (Warning, of course, there is a partial boob behind the cut. Gasp horror. Don't view if you might be offended?)

not technically safe for work but no more nudity than you would see in a bathing suitCollapse )




One of the most beautiful of people I've ever had the great pleasure of knowing finally found peace and has gone on to experience what the next life holds for us. My prayers to the family and friends she leaves behind. As per her wishes I ask that everyone take a moment to do the following:

"When I do die I want people to at least for one day to wear something that always made you feel great something that just has happy memories for you, and just spend time with people you love and tell them that you love them.

I don't want people to be sad, I don't want people to send donations or anything like that, the only thing that I ask is that you realise the good things you have and that you just make time even if is just a for an hour to do something that will make you really really happy." - nikilicious05

Now that I've had time to somewhat process the news I wanted to come back and add a few things. Like I said above, Nikki was beautiful both inside and out. She spent a majority of her sickness comforting her friends and family rather than the other way around. When healthy and when sick she has always had a grace that I've never before experienced and I hope to honor her memory by emulating that grace to the people in my life. She was funny, charismatic, loving, a wonderful mother and wife, friend and daughter... I know when someone passes everyone rushes to say how wonderful they were but in this case it is the truth through and through. I am so grateful that I got to share a small bit of the journey that was her life. Thank you to the writers and friends of heart_ov_gold for bringing to life her story and bringing her happiness in her last days. My thanks a hundred times over go to her husband for keeping her friends here in the know so we could express our love to her many times over the last few months.

Many prayers and love to you, Nikki.

For the record

If anyone here, for whatever reason, no matter how long we've known each other or how much we've shared, wants to remove me... please, please do it. I would hope by reading through my many, many past entries you'd realize I'm not a mean person or spiteful or vindictive. So, that being said please take this as the time to remove me. I swear on all that is holy, on my honor, or insert something meaningful to you to swear on, that I will NOT even mention it. Kay? If you don't want to be here, don't be here. I have this journal to share the trials, tribulations and joys of my life (and occasionally rant simply because I'm human) not to troll or use this as a platform to make other people miserable. Simple as that.

WoW Jokes

I warn you now, move on if you have never played World of Warcraft because not a one will make sense to you.

While waiting in position 450+ to log onto Whisperwind, I was browsing WoW forums when I came across this:

My favorites behind the cut.

Q. How many alliance does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. depends, can you find one old enough to be allowed to use ladders by their mother?Collapse )

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